Did you know that the human brain is designed to protect us always even from ourselves? It will send signals and symptoms of not feeling like doing something to anxiety. It will do this despite whether we want to step out of our comfort zone and achieve more. It will always want us to stay where it’s safe and familiar. Where it knows how to control what’s thrown at us by life. A little something I learned this week from a motivational speech I was listening to. Then today when as I was heading home I started where that came from because as a child, we had very little fears. Have you watched a child learn how to walk? Nothing will keep them down even falling. Moreover, we do not scold them or make them feel like failures. We celebrate them and cheer them on to wake up and do it again until in no time they’re doing that cute penguin run do. Then you can’t wait for them to just stay put. Hehe, the ironies of life. At what point do we start pointing out that falling is something bad and start conditioning them to “becoming” like the rest of us. Mould their young impressionable brains to become like our insecure, jaded brains. Rob them of the beauty of dreaming and being who they are no judgment? Wouldn’t we all live a better quality of life if we were ourselves regardless of what others thought? Wouldn’t we all be a little happier and more fulfilled? Will I remember to let my child/children if and when I get one to be themselves only correcting the wrong? I hope my journey will remind me to always let them be true to their hearts and souls. The beginning of the year last year I had this ambition to supply stores with my items. Granted I wasn’t fully prepared to commit to this and the first no I got, I took it to heart. I took it so hard I started doubting if my items were really as beautiful as I thought. I retreated so fast I didn’t even realize it. A friend then told me of this market that was the thing. It had demand both from vendors and clients. To even sweeten the deal, she had a say on who would get in and she asked me to apply. The first thing I remember saying was, “I thought it was full and wasn’t taking any new vendors.” Guess what she asked me… “Who said?” So I hesitantly applied and within a few days, I received the confirmation mail. Even after this, I was still hesitant. I took another full month before I participated and even when I started, I had the bare minimum expectations. I only wanted to break even. To make enough to recover the money I spent to book the table, transport to and fro the event and lunch I had while there. The first 3 times I participated were not so good but within no time I started getting interest from clients. Things were great until the economy turned to shit. This was the first time I realized how much the economy takes a hit when there is no new money in circulation. When the government is holding the money because it’s stuck in projects. That was a tough lesson. Within that year, I learned how to develop a thick skin. To constantly evolve and accommodate and embrace change. I got a name that actually means more than a superficial name. Kirotet, Maasai for precious handcrafts. I’m super proud of this name. It speaks a lot to what I want the brand to speak. I want it to scream Africa, Pride, Untold, Unexplained love and unity. I want to scream that we might have had a disadvantage starting out and we might have been robbed but we are still here. I want us to show each other this love all the time. No longer just surviving and no longer comfortable with the handouts have been thrown back to us. That we are here to stay and we shall be heard and no longer ignored. I want to aspire people to preach their truths, to aspire to more and to achieve it. To support each other and that they might taint our shin but we shall forever shine. I want it to scream that we are AFRICA and we are ready to take what’s ours. What has always been ours. That is what I want the people who adopt our pieces to feel. I want to empower our queens, kings, princes, and princesses to be the best version of melanin they can be. To take their strengths and help their neighbours’ weaknesses instead of exploiting them. How is this possible? Our style is the portrait of our character, how we feel, the things that are important to us. For me, I am proud to be African and extremely happy and privileged to still be connected to my ancestors. Privileged to have been taught their struggles and all the sacrifices they made so that I can afford to be black, woman and a millennial entrepreneur. I recognize my past and the luxuries it has afforded me. I have mentioned that my heart and soul goes into every piece and I always feel attached to every item that is made. Whenever I sell something I feel like I part with a piece of myself. Therefore, I want to use this privilege to make things better and I want to inspire my people and the people who believe in our mission to do and achieve all they dream of. I want to inspire that girl who feels stripped of her dignity and feels dirty, tarnished and unworthy that it is possible to become bigger than that feeling that seems to be consuming her now. I want to inspire someone who is all but ready to throw in the towel that guess what Negus, (royalty in ancient Ethiopia) you are worthy and that those dreams don’t have to remain as dreams. I wish to inspire greatness, confidence and pride. This is what I am working for. This is what I am working towards. Dream child. But remember to wake up and make it come true. I have a long journey ahead of me but I am always learning and preparing and working it out. I just can’t wait to start hearing back about what great things people have gotten into. The future is uncertain and definitely bumpy but one thing we cannot deny is that it’s a bright one.

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