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As promised, I’m good to be sharing tips and tricks I have been doing and practising to help ease this transition. The first one I think should always be mental healthcare. This is also a happy coincidence that this week is mental healthcare week so yaiii.
It’s said that for anything to happen, it all starts in the head so what we are going to try to do is to provide a fresh positive canvas for this. Meditation is a great way to 1) quiet your mind 2) control your thoughts 3) manifest what you want and also 4) help you relax, unwind and even sleep. Now, I don’t normally have trouble sleeping and whenever I do meditation is the last thing that pops into my mind as a form of a solution. This should go to show you how much of a rookie I am at this. I do however have a happy place, a place where I find my serenity. It’s tied to a phone call which might be problematic I realise but at the end of the day, we’re human and as much as we know better, we just end up doing what feels natural.Let’s get to it.
I got curious about meditation around November 2019 after listing to talk about levels of consciousness. I haven’t looked back since. I am more comfortable with guided meditation as I learn to quiet my mind and avoid distractions. I am also more comfortable with Christian meditation which is what I started with. I use Youtube as my channel of choice seeing that it’s free and the ease at with I can manipulate whatever I want to meditate on. In mornings when I have a specific agenda, I will search for that particular meditation option. so say I want to reduce anxiety, I will search for that, scheme through the results that stand out for me and if I like it dive into it. For this, I use these channels
meditation for mental health
  1. Abide This is especially very good with sleep meditation for the Christians out there. Please note that these are channels I use and have tested out and if you have different channels you use, please share so that we can be more inclusive.
  2. Mindful Christian This is now what I use for those focused intentional meditation. It has come in very handy for me in the past few months.
Now, I have also been trying to get into the meditating habit and that is where the Jay Shetty channel comes in handy. He has these beautiful lives which you can engage in or if you want to try it out first so that you can decide if you want to do that lives, he has them recorded on there.
Jay Shetty, This is a very good way to start your meditation practice. They usually don’t take long and I appreciate that he takes time to explain what you did after. Please start with the day ones of the ones you decide to start with because I have noticed he goes adding new tricks and I appreciate it better. It feels like I’m progressing which motivates me even more.
I have been doing the Jay Shetty ones for about a month ow, not as consistently as I would like but I am getting better and that’s what counts. I have managed to become more productive with my day and I am gradually making a not so routine routine. Lol, does that even make sense? I don’t like routines, I need to shake things up for a little adventure hence the not so routine routines.
Here’s the plot twist, did you know that there is a meditation for kids, Parents, you need to pay me for this if it works. Lol!
mediation for children
Ahway Island is the name of the tested and approved channel by one of the moms in the women’s group I’m in. The name, Wonderful women… I think they have a Facebook page. So the mum who shared this information said that she has managed to get her kids to bed in time thanks to their sleep meditation. Thinking of it now, it makes sense to introduce kids to mindful practices. I guess you will get more conscientious kids through it.
Tip number 3 was shared by a good client turned friend. He shared that they are in this WhatsApp group with people curious about meditation and every day they have different topics and after which they get assignments… Here’s the text “
This is a beautiful day ❣️ to begin a centring journey. Today May the 11 marks day 0 😊
  • curious
  • questioning
  • disinterested
As you begin this process, you might be:
Wherever you are working.
Read the next message, give yourself 24hr to opt-in.
If this is not for you, no worries. Please simply remove yourself from the group. I will not be offended and no one will judge.
Direct any questions you may have to me directly in a private message.
Here are the instructions…
We start tomorrow!!
21 days of Abundance
Day 0: Monday 11, 2020
Have a journal.
Please read this part carefully – it contains all the rules of our journey.
Notice what comes up as you read.
This meditation is 21 days and today is day zero, the date by which you get to decide if you want to be part of this beautiful journey through understanding the purpose of the group and our intentions.
Rules and Agreements:
  1. After the publication of the daily task, you have 24 hours to complete it.
Day 1 will be sent this time tomorrow, and so on.
  1. If the task calls for you to write, do so by hand with a pen or pencil on paper. It is desirable to have a separate notebook.
  2. Before you write, come to a calm state using slow deep breathing or meditation. You can complete the task after Deepak Chopra’s meditation. There will be a sound file to guide you.
  3. Please send any questions in a private message to me.
  4. Be fully focused on the daily task, allocating time and space for it.
  5. If you cannot participate or keep the rhythm of the program, please remove yourself from the group. Make this decision on your own. We need to maintain the flow so that the energy input into this process does not dissipate. Again, there is no judgment if you need to stop participating at any point.
  6. After completing the daily task, please write the completion statement. For example, “Day 1 Done” as a confirmation of completion. There will be days in which I will ask you to leave other comments. Please make sure to read all the tasks carefully and mindfully.
  7. If the task is not completed within a day, you will have the opportunity to catch up when you can, or to leave the group.
  8. Every day there will be a published task, affirmation of the day, and an audio file with an explanation and a Deepak Chopra meditation.
 If you have questions, send them to my personal message or text.
• This group is ONLY for meditations, tasks and group energy concentration.
• You may consider turning off notifications from this group.
• This process is an opportunity to learn how to allocate time for yourself and your development every day. Have a wonderful exploratory adventure.
DAY 0 Phrase:
“Starting today, I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts”
I recommend writing this phrase in a notebook and returning to it several times. The more the better. Mahatma Gandhi taught us to remember that our thoughts generate words, words generate actions, actions generate habits, habits generate a character, and character breeds destiny.
If you’ve read all the rules and agree to follow them, please write and send today’s phrase of completion: “Day 0 done.”
That’s all for today – I will have Day 1 too you tomorrow evening. Enjoy our joint 21-day trip! I’m happy to take part together and expand our collective abundance Namaste
Again, this is only my tested and approved tips and tricks. I would love to hear all the different ways you go about this particular topic. If you happen to choose my format and even spice it up, I’d love to hear back from you.
Till next week love and light. Happy meditation experimenting and a virtual hug to you all.

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