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A Letter to You

At VKirotet, is a Pan-African brand. We believe that Africa has what it needs within herself to solve the her issues. We also believe that we are in the Era of revolution and it is therefore up on us to re-create our narrative. We have seen the damage done by hate, self-involvement and discrimination. Therefore, we have the opportunity to create a different narrative. To spread love and acceptance, to help create equal opportunities despite ones gender, sexual orientation or believes.
It is from this that we want to create a community that will provide a safe space for people to get inspired, mentor and help offer solutions. Like mentioned in our mission, we are striving to be of value, not a success. VKirotet Designs is looking to inspire confidence not to create trends. How do we want to do this?
The plan to open a workshop to do our production yes, but also to pay it forward. In our journey, we have come across such beautiful soles that have helped us out when we needed it the most. Helped us create stock when we had no money to pay for the services and allowed us the opportunity to grow. In it we look to also get involved in training the next generation of industry’s tailors and train them to run efficient, honest and transparent businesses. By so doing reestablishing the relationship between the fundis and their clients. 
We also seek to create a community, a tribe where our clients can feel safe to hangout, have candid conversations and forge greatness. A platform where if someone wanted mentorship, they can find it within the platform. If they had an idea, they can brainstorm with like minded individuals and figure out how to implement it. We want to create a space where even upcoming entrepreneurs who would traditionally be considered competition to our brand can come and get inspiration and support.
We understand that is a bold idea, unconventional and maybe a little naïve of us to even dream but we have to try. It might fail, but again, it might succeed. That little spec of hope is what we are holding on to.
In the meantime, we will continue to create beautiful bags and jewelry. Document our process and expand our tribe. We would love to have you join us on this crazy scary ride we have willingly put upon ourselves. So much pressure to place on a purchase and a workshop huh? Well, we hope you’ll try it out with us regardless.
This is our story.
Love and light,
Virginia – VKirotet

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